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Options (Locks-Coded Entry)

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As shown here, we have experience with many different types and styles of locks. We can integrate most any type of lock into our system. Specify the type of lock you want, and let our design team take care of the details.

Electrical Locking Devices

  • Coded Card Reader - activates electric strike or magnetic lock upon insertion of coded card. Ten cards supplied
  • Ten-Digit Key Pad - operates electric strike or magnetic lock upon entry of four-digit pass code
  • Electro-Magnetic Lock - magnetically locks sliding gates securely closed. Requires card code reader, ten-digit key pad or remote push button to operate. Available for sliding gates only
  • Electric Strike - allows hinged gates to open when activated by encoded card, ten-digit key pad, or remote push button. Works with standard key locks. Available on hinged gates only
  • Five-Button Coded Access Lock - code or key entry. Match with push paddle or thumb turn knob inside.
  • Push Paddle - hand-sized paddle for quick exit. Match with key or five-digit push button lock.


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