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Radio Frequency (Paperless) Technology

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PWD can help you determine what you need to design a RF (Radio Frequency) Solution for your warehouse.



PWD can help you determine what you need to design a RF (Radio Frequency) Solution for your warehouse.  The 3 biggest improvements in a warehouse operation are:

  1. 1. Use the CUBE of the facility
  2. 2. Have a solid plan for SLOTTING your products
  3. 3. Go from paper picking to RF (paper-LESS) Technology 

There are tremendous gains from using Radio Frequency (RF) technology in a warehouse.  Among these are:

  • Paperless Picking  Expect Significant Reductions in The Use Of Paper During The Management Of The Warehouse.
  • Real-Time  Reduce Inventory Contention Issues and Errors.
  • Multi-Tasking      Allow the Operators To Perform Various Warehouse Operations And Accountability Functions Simultaneously.
  • Directed & Manual Tasking  Provide User/Operator Directed Functions. Override Directed Processes or Perform Location and Inventory Management Manually.
  • Order Accuracy  In progress Quality Control by order and item validation by bar code scanning.
  • On the Fly Processing  Change tasks without returning to base workstation.


  • Receiving By Purchase Order
  • Auto Allocation For Putaways
  • Directed Picking
  • Directed Putaways
  • Directed Cycle Counts
  • Directed Replenishments
  • Non-Directed Picking
  • Don-Directed Putaways
  • Non-Directed Cycle Counts
  • Moves/Transfers


  • RF Barcode Hand Held Computer
  • RF Barcode Printers
  • RF Forktruck Mounted Terminals 


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