Table Lift (Myti)

Lift Tables are electro-hydraulic scissor lifts with small platforms and high travel for an infinite number of applications. Available with load capacities of 500 to 1,000 lbs., travel distances of 30 to 36 in. and minimum platform sizes of 12 x 24 to 16 x 24 in., one of our scissor lifts is sure to meet your company’s needs.

Many industries use table lifts. From manufacturing and warehouse environments to retail and health care services–an electro-hydraulic scissor lift is built tough to handle loading dock equipment, crates of materials, and finished products alike.

What about the benefits of a table lift?

  • Lift Capacity — A table lift with up to 1,000 lbs. capacity makes it easy to store heavy loads and equipment.
  • Safety — With hydraulic capabilities, the lift table reduces the lifting done by personnel and cuts down on workplace injuries.
  • Accessibility — A scissor lift can fit In locations your forklifts can’t, allowing you to lift and store materials out of the way in more remote locations.

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