Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors are an excellent choice for multi-level warehouses that need to transport materials between floors. The spiral conveyor’s small footprint and vertical design allows it to do the job of a standard incline conveyor in just a fraction of the floor space.

A spiral conveyor is an excellent solution for fragile items that cannot tolerate impact or be gripped.  They are excellent for material handling applications in food packaging plants, and in similar industries where smaller, delicate items must be conveyed.

Spiral conveyor solutions are extremely versatile.  A conveyor spiral can be used to move materials over aisles or between machines. Certain spiral conveyors are useful when materials being handled need to cool or dry and floor space is at a premium.

Customization options are available, depending on the model of spiral conveyor you choose.  Consider these key benefits:

  • Only one drive needed for height differences exceeding 40 ft.
  • A choice of many belt types with or without high friction
  • Belt maintenance without using tools.
  • Transports heavy items even if not positioned central on the belt.

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S – Mild steel, coated
CR – High Corrosion resistant coated mild steel frame, stainless parts, special CR-chain
RS – Stainless steel frame and moving parts (wash down / wet environment)

  • Spiral Elevation up or down (or reversible).
  • Loads of up to 35 lbs/ft.
  • Belt speeds of up to 300ft/min.
  • Angle of incline 2.5º -15º.
  • CE certified and 100% intrinsic safety.

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