Roller Track (Low Profile)

Carton Flow Tracks (Low Profile)  all that means is that the tracks sit down below the back stop beam instead of sitting on top of the beam

Why use this product?

  • Retrofits into EXISTING pallet racking
  • Easy to install with NO TOOLS
  • Options for light duty and heavy duty
  • Can go up to 16ft deep if you like
  • Fast moving SKUs
  • FIFO if that matters for your products
  • Comes in multiple widths for your product storage


This type of Roller Track uses heavy-duty, full width rollers,
accommodate consistent carton and tote sizes.

  • 3/4” Galvanized steel rollers
  • 6ʺ, 9ʺ, 12ʺ and 16ʺ widths
  • 1ʺ, 2ʺ, or 3 roller centers
  • Internal or external pick trays
  • Slow down plates at discharge ends

Beverage processing – beer, soda, wine cases
Food processing – Manufacturing – high volume standard cases
Tote storage – full tote or each pick

Each track can range from $30 to $120 each.  All depends on configuration, accessories and dimensions.

An 8ft wide by 8ft deep level with 7 tracks across can range from $300 to $500 per level.

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Roller Track (Low Profile)

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