Pallet Positioners

With the Pallet Positioner, building and breaking down pallet loads has never been easier. The unit raises and lowers automatically as boxes are added or removed from pallets. Workers don’t have to bend or stretch to place boxes on the pallet. A turntable top allows the load to be rotated which eliminates the need for workers to walk around the pallet.

Why does your facility need a brand-new pallet positioner?

  • You can more easily adjust a pallet to ensure the proper ergonomic work height to better increase efficiency and cut down on work times.
  • To better help your warehouse staff, pallet positioners reduce the time and effort it takes to load and unload pallets.
  • One of the top goals of any warehouse manager is to keep employees safe. The pallet positioners help improve ergonomics to create a healthier environment and thereby cut down on fatigue and injuries amongst staff.
  • The convenience and power of a pallet positioner and its overall design means loading a truck, for example, is no longer a strenuous, repetitive task. The pallet can and will easily roll onto a platform without much effort.

For high-end pallet positioners that make warehouse life easier, trust Precision Warehouse Design for all your needs!

  • 400 – 4500 lb holding capacity
  • 21″ vertical travel
  • Anti-friction bearings for easy turning
  • Reinforced rubber airbag
  • Pressure relief valve standard
  • Portable – can be used in several areas
  • Full 360 degree rotation
  • 3/8″ x 43″ solid rotating platform
  • Lifetime warranty on Firestone Actuator
  • Optional portability package available
  • Custom platforms available

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