The reason for this type of flow system is that it is the MOST flexible system made. Does not matter how wide your product is, the system will quickly and easily change for your width of boxes.  It is basically called infinite adjustability!

  • Quickly and Easily Converts Pallet Racking into a Productive Flow System
  • Multiple ways to create dividable lanes (Rails or Flags) see pictures
  • Normal Duty and Heavy duty options
  • MOST POPULAR among design professionals (very forgiving)

Dyna-Flo uses a full shelf bed of staggered poly wheels for multiple SKUs and carton sizes.  Easily handles frequent carton size changes.

  • 1- 3/8” polypropylene staggered wheels
  • 12″ to 16″ wide tracks
  • Available in 1″, 2″, 3″ wheel centers
  • Adjustable lane full dividers


The goal is to cover an entire level of racking.    8ft wide x 8ft deep LEVEL would cost  ~ $500

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