Cantilever Rack Medium Duty

Medium-Duty Cantilever Racks

A medium-duty cantilever rack system consists of two double-sided uprights, made of high-quality steel, and storage “arms.”

Depending on where the cantilever racks will be used, you can choose to make your storage system single sided or double sided.  Double-sided configurations, with arms on both sides of the uprights, store twice as much as single-sided systems but must be accessible to materials handling equipment on both sides as well. Medium-duty cantilever rack systems are an excellent solution to hold long and bulky items in the warehouse such as pipes, tubing, bar stock, lumber, etc..

The medium-duty cantilever racks from Precision Warehouse Design are adjustable, with arms positioned at varying heights depending on your needs.  Please contact Precision Warehouse Design today for more information on medium-duty cantilever rack systems!

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