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About Us

The Vision of PWD is to serve Christ with excellence in the material handling industry, embrace our employees as family and use the first fruits of our work to touch lives in need.

Precision Warehouse Design LLC was formed in 2007 in Dallas Texas. The two principal owners of PWD have Mechanical Engineering degrees and Masters in Business Administration.  PWD holds over 200 years of combined experience in the material handling arena with an additional 15 years in the manufacturing industry. Many of the projects that PWD has experience designing and installing include the following:

  • slow, medium, and high speed conveyor sortation projects
  • very small to very large warehouse storage projects (Pallet Racking, Shelving, Shelf Supported Mezzanines, Pick Modules)
  • sophisticated software controls projects
  • warehouse layout and design consulting projects
  • In motion scale projects
  • various barcode print and apply projects
  • vision systems identification projects
  • WMS specification and implementation projects

We have developed a very powerful systems sales process that we now call "The PWD Process" which combines experience, technique, customer service, and technology which we have found are the exact elements that build TRUST.

Experience - over 6,000 projects from multi-million dollar Sortation systems, to designing a shelving layout for a back end closet.

Technique - during the design process we include "best practice" components to our systems as well as equip ourselves to design, price, and deliver solutions much faster than competitors.

Customer Service - We exist only because of our clients. If we do not serve them better than our competition then we do not deserve to have your business.

Technology - we leverage every bit of available technology to give us the edge on supporting clients and providing you, our customers, state of the art solutions that uniquely fit your needs. All of our members are considered "Virtual" and have all the tools needed to design, communicate, quote, and perform necessary work anywhere, anytime. We are truly a paperless company.

Please call us to discuss your project (nothing too large, nothing too small) 1-888-660-4555


Here are a few companies in PWD's Client base