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Pick/Put to Light

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Pick-to-Light is a light-directed picking and putting system that optimizes broken case and piece picking for e-commerce order fulfillment.  Pick-to-Light hardware is installed on shelves and racks or even on picking carts or put-walls. When a new picklist is initiated, typically through a barcode scan or via an Android device, the Pick-to-Light device is illuminated, indicating the number of items to pick.  Picks can be acknowledged through a simple button press and depending on the system, the inventory data may be synchronized with a WMS. 

Pick-to-Light dramatically increases the productivity of e-commerce order fulfillment while reducing errors.


Pick-to-Light Process:

  1. Start a picklist (list of inventory items to pick in order to fill one or more orders–typically started with a barcode scan)
  2. Pick-to-Light hardware lights up with the quantity to pick
  3. Picker presses the button to acknowledge each pick
  4. Picker repeats the process until the picklist is complete


Pick to Light Device



Picking Cart


Pick-to-Light and put-to-light systems are often used with picking carts to facilitate batch or cluster picking of multiple orders in one pass. Picking carts vary greatly in design and configuration, but most contain several shelves with totes or plastic storage bins. The totes can be configured to hold all the items for a particular order or they can simply hold all the picked inventory which is later sorted by order into a put-wall. 


Two Ways to Use a Picking Cart


Single Lighted System:

  1.  The picker picks an item from stock.
  2. The Put-to-Light device on the cart illuminates to show which tote the item should be placed in.

Double Lighted System:

  1. Picker pushes the picking cart down the aisle.
  2. Pick-to-Light devices associated with a picklist illuminate, indicating what should be picked.
  3. The picker picks an item from inventory.
  4. After each pick, the put-light on the cart illuminates to show the tote the item should be placed in.



 Put Wall

Put walls facilitate the efficient sorting of batch-picked mixed SKU inventory into individual orders. As each item type is scanned, put-to-light devices illuminate the location where the item should be placed.

Puts can be acknowledged with a simple button press or scan. When all items for an order have been put into a slot, a second Pick-to-Light device on the other side of the wall can be used to indicate the order is ready to pack and ship.   

What Makes our Pick-to-Light System Different?

Our Pick-to-Light devices can display two lines of custom text, giving specific instructions to pickers or packers. Typically, the devices indicate the picker’s name, SKU, and quantity to be picked or put.  Our pick-to-light devices use the ultimate standard – a simple web URL, making integration with your ERP or WMS is simple!


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