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ABOT Case Openers

Automatic Box Opener Applications

  • Returns Processing
  • Automatic Carton opening for Co-Pack operations
  • Automatic Pick Module Replenishment

Stop box knife injures now! CASI now offers a fully automatic box opener-- ABOT™-ONE (ABOT™ automatic box opening technology) is a fully programmable carton opening system capable of removing the top from cartons automatically at rates up to 600 cartons per hour. Add more power with ABOT™-DUO, which opens up to 1000 cartons per hour. Speed will greatly depend on the size of box, cut depth, and other variables which alter cut times.

The flexible design allows for automatic height & carton ID detection, enabling ABOT™-ONE to adjust opening methodology by carton height or optional barcode or RF Tag scan.

State of the art sensors combined with CASI's state of the art software provide a most flexible and dynamic solution at an industry leading ABOT™ price. The ABOT™ system has the ability to modify its cut pattern selection on the fly.


ABOT - DUO featuring 2 in-feed conveyors. Optional sorter available.


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