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Mezzanines, Work Platforms & Wire Partitions


Benefit From Our Experience:

Precision Warehouse Design has over 125 years combined experience in the material handling industry. We have worked on over 3500+ projects ranging from multi-million dollar industrial conveyor sortation systems to small warehouse shelving. Precision Warehouse Design is partnered with Cogan Mazzanines to provide our clients with the best in mazzanine and work platform flooring solutions. Our clients include Southwest Airlines, REXEL, KOHLER, McKesson, Cardinal Health, Chevron, NOV and many more.

Cogan - The Preferred Choice In Mezzanines:


Popular Warehouse Features:

Mezzanines Designed To Maximime Space:

A mezzanine consists of an elevated floor or workspace between the floor and roof of a warehouse or building. Industrial mezzanines are usually constructed of steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Mezzanines are often constructed in warehouse buildings to create additional work or storage space. Mezzanines are an efficient way to make the most of your space. They are common in warehouses, distribution and manufacturing facilities. Contact a mezzanine sales representative today 1-888-660-4555 to get a quote on a custom warehouse mezzanine.

Custom Designed Cogan Mezannines:

Cogan resin board will be your choice for a sleek and durable mezzanine flooring system. Fastened on top of corrugated decking for extra support. At Precision Warehouse Design we have the ability to quickly and custom design a mezzanine with our web tools to fit your exact needs.

FasTrak Mezzanines, Work Platforms & Wire Partition Design:

FasTrak is a special service for facility managers who need quick, accurate and decisive information concerning mezzanine design, space planning, equipment, re-arrangement and relocation of their operations.

cogan wire partitions

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Mezzanine Fabrication & Installation:

PWD offers Cogan mezzanine sales, fabrication and installation services at competitive prices. Consult a PWD representative to get a quote on having a custom mezzanine installed in your warehouse or business.

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Whether you are looking for mezzanines, security cages, or wire partitions for your warehouse, distribution or manufacturing facility Precision Warehouse Design has custom mezzanine solution for you. We can design, prefabricate, deliver and install your mezannine flooring in record time. Call one of our representatives today to get started - 1-888-660-4555.

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