WMS Shipping Module

Shipping Module:  Your product will ship in many different ways.  Parcel, Less than Truckload, Full Truckload, Special Handling etc.  Multiple boxes per order, single shipments, pallets.  This software module can be a single user or an automated solution.  Call PWD to help you navigate the complexities of how to properly use this software in your operations:

  • Selected order processing
  • Sales order ‘wave release’ processing
  • Generate printed and/or barcoded shipping manifests
  • Automatic packaging with pre-specified container sizes.
  • Destination driven by predefined routes.
  • LIFO truck loading by route.
  • Track shipper pro #, destination, etc.
  • Point to point carrier shipment rates integrated into Evolution
  • Single point or multiple lane consolidation
  • Consolidate orders from multiple pick areas
  • Dynamic consolidation of variable pick wave sizes
  • Generate Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs)
  • Weigh scale integration
  • Product tracking by tote ID

Evolution’s integrated multi-carrier and small parcel and LTL management system complete the suite of products for your warehouse.

  • Ship With Multiple Carriers
  • Smart Rate Shopping.
  • UPS OnLine® Compatible
  • FedEx Compatible
  • DHL Compatible
  • Regional & Local Carrier Support
  • Leveraging the Shipping Operation For Superior Customer Service & Profits
  • Customer Service ModuleSolution Printing
  • Solution Printing

In today’s fast-paced business arena, things happen in seconds, not days. Maintaining the leading edge in business relationships is the key to continued success.

Getting the product out the door and into your customers’ hands-on time should be common practice, not the exception. And that means NOW!

NextShip® automates all major carriers including Airborne, BAX Global, DHL, Emery, FedEx, FedEx Ground, UPS, USPS, and a long list of LTL truck lines.

Solution Printing allows NextShip® to support most carrier-required documentation such as manifest reports, barcoded shipping labels, COD tags, hazardous material tags, waybills, UCC128 container compliance labels, export documents, plus any customized forms you may require.

The NextShip® approach to LTL Automation allows you to replace your independent LTL programs with one unrivaled system that can do it all!

  • rate shop between LTL & non-LTL carriers.
  • rate shop across multiple classes within a single shipment.
  • end-of-day consolidation
  • instantly prints all carrier required forms to eliminate handwritten paperwork.

SmartRoute goes beyond basic rate shopping by comparing: time-in-transit, weight, destination, special service fees, carrier performance as set by you, plus the basic freight charges.

Have you ever wondered if you are due refunds from the carriers for
late deliveries? WebTrack allows you to track shipment status and verify package delivery via the Internet. This module alone could offset your NextShip investment.

With a networked version of NextShip® installed on your server, you can run up to 89 shipping stations with one consolidated manifest and database. Each station can run two sessions concurrently.

NextShip® for Windows provides seamless integration with your host application via platform-independent integration tools such as: ODBC-Link, ScreenLink, and OLE-Link. Ship-to information transfers immediately to the shipping station. After posting the shipment, shipping charges and other valuable information are sent back to the host application, instantly!

  • ODBC-Link provides direct communication with databases adhering to ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) standards, such as SQL and Access.
  • ScreenLink provides direct connections to other platforms such as DOS, IBM AS/400, VAX, and Unix.
  • OLE-Link allows you to develop and implement your own programmatic interface.

Provide ultimate customer service by providing instant information such as shipment status and even rating information while your customers are still on the phone with NetQuery!

The SWOG (Ship With Other Goods) module tracks multiple invoices and even itemizes parts and serial numbers with a single shipment.

NextShip® provides unparalleled flexibility with PowerAct:

  • run external applications at virtually any point during shipping.
  • run Visual FoxPro commands, functions, or macros.
  • overcome unique shipping scenarios without any programming knowledge with our powerful if-then-else logic.

Task Scheduler allows you to trigger events at preset intervals such as:

  • track packages via the Internet.
  • send fax notices to customers.
  • print reports.
  • archiving shipping history

NextShip® comes with a powerful tool that allows you to custom design your shipping screen. This WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool allows the screen to be designed exactly as you want, including fonts and graphics. This tool goes beyond cosmetics by defining the shipping process.

Mouse-free shipping is accomplished by our Keyboard Mapping tool. You can assign a task to virtually every key, such as carrier selection, rate shopping, and more.

Send faxes to notify recipients of shipments en-route, automatically via the Fax Notification module.

Use your existing terminology to process your shipments. The Translated Code module allows you to translate your internal carrier codes such as “Blue” to a “UPS 2 Day Air” shipment.

NextShip® comes standard with a customer database of your repeat customers. For each customer, you define the preferred carrier, credit status, customized forms, and more.

Mail Manifesting allows you to process mail without a postage meter.

NextShip® interfaces to your postage meter for processing your metered mail.

NextShip® allows for reverse weighing of mail with our Off Weight module.

Verify department funds by using NextShip’s® Department Verification & Budgeting module.

Are you a seasonal shipper? Use our Future Ship module to process and manifest shipments today for actual shipping on a future date.

Verify that a shipment’s actual contents match the original order with our Package Contents Verification module.

Tired of counting small parts at inventory time? The Piece Count module uses a standard electronic scale to assist with inventory. For example, if one item weighs .25 pounds and the scale reads 20 pounds NextShip’s® would calculate that to be 80 items.

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