Pusher Sortation

Air-operated Pusher Sorters

Air-operated pusher solutions use pneumatics to power arms that move products such as products, totes, and boxes onto and off of the line. Pusher sorters are commonly used to sort products into different workflows as they move through the warehouse.

A high-speed air-operated pusher installed on your conveyor belt can quickly and easily sort up to 50 items per minute. You can configure the pusher sortation device to gently and securely push the product from one line to another or to a bin for easy packing and loading with no damage to your product. Air-operated pusher solutions can accurately perform tedious and repetitive tasks, freeing up personnel to take on more important work.


  • 90 degree push sort
  • BOW sort to 30 or 45 degree take off (mostly for large consistent boxes or totes)
  • PADDLE sort to 30 degree take off (for smaller items requiring)

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