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Relocation Services

PWD will turnkey your relocated facility and design the new layout as well. Moving facilities and consolidating facilities is a perfect time to take all the "best practices" of your operation and design a very efficient layout for all your areas to maximize through-put. PWD has moved numerous companies and there has been a 100% consensus that the new layout designed by PWD is more efficient and allows managers to have more control over their operations. Call us today to help plan the move and do a common sense, thoughtful layout for your new operation!

  • We will tear down your Pallet Racking system, Shelving, conveyor, mezzanies, work station, Office Furniture, Computers etc......
  • We will transport your equipment to the new location turnkey
  • We will help design the NEW efficient layout for the equipment
  • We will install all the equipment (racking, shelving, conveyor, workstations, office furniture, computer equipment)
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3 Facilities Consolidated into 1 miami
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