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  • Warehouse Management Systems

    The complexity of a growing fulfillment operation usually requires a software tool to manage the inventory. From a simple part number location system to complex wall-to-wall warehouse management, good inventory control tools increase productivity, visibility, inventory accuracy, and compliance in the operation. Error reduction is the ultimate goal of the warehouse management system.

  • Functional Bid Specification

    There are dozens of offerings in the arena of warehouse management software. The ultimate requirement of all warehouse management software requirements is that it manages your business. The challenge in comparing various software offerings is how a particular offering addresses the requirements for a given operation. The proven way to compare systems is by developing a functional specification of the requirement and comparing the offering against the function specification. This, combined with the investment, helps select a software solution.

  • Slotting

    Item slotting can be the single largest contributing factor to distribution center productivity. Slotting strategies always consider four basic attributes for a given SKU. These attributes are: Product cube

  • Product popularity or velocity
  • Best fit storage media
  • Environmental requirements

This combination of attributes is called the SKU volumetric. Best practice distribution requires every SKU to have a pre-defined volumetric which supports the activity within the four walls of the distribution center.